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An longform improv comedy group in New York City. They perform Fridays at 9:00pm at the UCBT.

Their current format, as of writing, is two sets. The first is a montage. The second is undefined and grows organically out of how the players edit or build the scenes. Recent examples include: scenes always edited by calling out shifts in space and time; a show where we cut back and forth between a man, a woman, and a midwife during birth and their hallucinations inside the woman's womb as they're led around by conjoined twin fetuses; and a set of scenes that followed Chris and Silvija's characters as impoverished teenagers trying to lose their virginities as more and more obstacles are thrown their way. They were featured in The New York Times for their 2012 DCM show off the suggestion "rewind", and ever since then it's been real hard to get reservations. The Stepfathers are smart, surprising, and organic and are frequently cited as the sort of improv on weekend teams that beginners should try to emulate. Once Zach Woods played a character who destructively deconstructed science-fiction authors, said to Isaac Asimov's wife the line "Hello, Tina Asimov" in an attempt to seduce her, and blacked out the show with "And the pizza reached 433 ... 432 ... 431 degrees. FUCK YOU RAY BRADBURY." Connor Ratliff once labeled a baby during a Monoscene with the name "FLAX. MORE. JONES." and got Chris Gethard to break for a good fifteen seconds.


Current: Michael Delaney, Don Fanelli, Chris Gethard, Will Hines, Jordan Klepper, Bobby Moynihan, Shannon O'Neill, Silvija Ozols, Connor Ratliff, Andrew Secunda and Zach Woods.

Silvija Ozols debuted in February 2007.

Will Hines and Shannon O'Neill debuted with The Stepfathers on September 28, 2007.

Andrew Secunda joined in October 2008.

Chris Gethard announced hiatus on April 17th, 20143.

Don Fanelli and Jordan Klepper debuted with The Stepfathers on April 26th, 2013.

Founding members: Michael Delaney, Chris Gethard, Bobby Moynihan Billy Merritt, Peter Gwinn, Brian Huskey.

Christina Gausas was also a long-time member.