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Thank You, Robot is a longform improv comedy group that performs in New York City.

TYR is an independent improv group, but all members were trained at the UCB Theatre. They currently perform an organic opening, although prefer not to call it that.


Thank You, Robot was originally formed in the fall of 2006, born out of a Chris Gethard 301 class at UCB Theater. On February 16th, 2007, Thank You, Robot made their debut at the Tantrum/fwand show at Under St. Marks.

In November, 2007, the team launched the monthly show System Error at The Parkside Lounge alongside Bad Data and LD & The Scientist . On June 6th, 2008, they began hosting Summer Fridays at Under St. Marks.

Thank You, Robot are known to be a nice bunch of kids, but are legendary for their lack of knowledge regarding the appropriate time to leave a party.


Thank You, Robot consists of Jeremy Bent, Seth Lind, Matt Little, Casey Savage, Christopher Scott, , and John Robert Wilson. Previous members include Adam Baran and Lawrence Levine, and Abra Tabak.


Past coaches have included Ben Schwartz, Dominic Dierkes, Gregory Tuculescu, Jonathan Gabrus, and Brandon Gardner.

Contact Information


ThankYouRobot DOT NET



  • The team's original name was "Sugar Cookie."
  • During their debut set, the team performed a La Ronde, atypical for new independent teams.