Paul Briganti is a filmmaker, editor, sketch writer and performer, rare coin collector, and member of Daystallion.

He was born in Connecticut in 1987. He has brown hair and lives in New York City. He goes to school at SVA and works sometimes for free and sometimes for pay as a freelance editor. He worked almost exclusively for free at the Onion, except for a few long weekends when they paid him to sit by himself in a room for a long time and log footage. One day soon Paul will FIND HE-MAN.

Paul does not cook, but he really wants to learn how. He loves talented people and autobiographies as long as they are true. He also enjoys film, sketch/improv, and websites that rank how attractive a person is.

Next summer Paul is going to shoot a feature film and, for the love of god, he is also going to go to Europe.

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