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Michael Delaney ("Delaney") is a performer and teacher of both improv and sketch at the UCBT in New York.


Delaney was a founding member of the Swarm. He currently performs on the Stepfathers and has performed with Billy Merritt in Omlette Vision.

Delaney became legendary during his run with The Swarm for moves so on point that they were viewed as almost mystical. In one scene where he was wielding a lacrosse stick, for example, legend holds that Delaney used an invisible mimed lacrosse stick to actually prop himself up and rise from the ground in a way that should have been impossible without the use of a real stick to prop one's self up with.

Delaney is known to be a Yoda like teacher, full of wisdom regarding comedy. His obsession with SCTV as a child and his vast amount of experience dating all the way back to "The Comedy Squad" in Florida laid the foundation for this status. In the UCBT community, it is regarded as a rite of passage to take Delaney's classes. His notes are regarded as tough, and many students see their first Delaney class as a trial by fire that proves their tenacity as an improviser. Entire generations of New York improvisers regard Delaney as a guru who set the standards for the entire community through his classes.

Delaney has had numerous kidney transplants. The guy is simply full of kidneys. This led a Maude team at UCB to name themselves 27 Kidneys in his honor.

Delaney can often be seen traveling around New York City on a skateboard. He also wears a union suit underneath his clothes from early fall to very late spring.


Delaney is a frequent sketch player on Late Night with Conan O'Brien.