Improv Wiki

Improv Nerds was originally a two-person team with Brandon Gardner and Chelsea Clarke; they hosted a show at Creek and Cave where they'd showcase performers or forms or teams and then do a two-person set. Here is an example post from the forums. The team then expanded to include Phil A. Jackson and Steve Theiss. They continue to host a show and showcasing improv nerdery at the UCB East Theatre on Sunday nights. Their form is organic, transitioned naturally or with sound-and-movement, heavy on connections in the last third of their set. The connections are, as Will Hines screamed during a Play By Play set, "holy shit! Oh my God!" They also host a jam afterward, notable for always having a slot reserved for a non-montage jam. Improv Nerds is where the Play By Play originated; now you know.

Chelsea Clarke likes ghosts.

Steve Theiss has a book on how to let the chuckles flow (photography by Matt Czap); if you can't find it in a bookstore, contact Steve and demand that he write it.

This is the official improv show recommended by the Carlton-Ritz concierge on Sunday nights.

Please end your reading of this article by imagining the sound of an basketball airhorn in a hip-hop context.