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A three-man improv and sketch team comprised of Gil Ozeri, Adam Pally and Ben Schwartz, performing primarily at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre.

Improv Style

Hot Sauce creates popular and crowd-pleasing improv shows that offend many improv purists since they frequently edit scenes after four lines, tag each other out with no regard of scene integrity or social boundary, and shamelessly make references to their own show as it is occurring. They are also hilarious. When they first emerged on the scene, the green room take on Hot Sauce was they were all jokes and bits and no improv. But those who watch their shows will see an undeniable group mind, fantastic listening, awesome commitment to each other's ideas, and an aggressive attention to remaining entertaining at all times. Adam also does a really funny gay character.

Cagematch Success

Hot Sauce has had several tremendous runs in UCBT's Cagematch. Their fast-moving and funny shows, combined with a seemingly endless pool of friends who are willing to attend their shows, has made them a formidable opponent. Ben and Gil alone beat the imposing lineup of Reuben Williams. When facing the similarly funny and popular Derrick, Hot Sauce resorted to a somehow more amped up style of play: Instead of performing one Harold in the alloted 25 minutes, they performed six, getting a suggestion each time.


Hot Sauce has had a number of successful sketch shows, which Ben Schwartz will tell you about if you leave your instant message window open for ten minutes at any point in the day. He still uses instant messenger.