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Grandma's Ashes started out as an Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre Harold Team. They were formed in January 2011.


Lydia Hensler, Brandon Scott Jones, Ryan Karels, Megan Neuringer, Molly Lloyd, Abra Tabak, Erik Tanouye, Paul Welsh

In May 2011, Molly Lloyd moved to Badman and Phillip Jackson was placed on Grandma's Ashes.

After June 2011's Harold Team auditions/roster shakeup, Phillip was placed on Dance Break. Winston Noel was brought onto Grandma's Ashes in his place.

In 2012, Megan Neuringer left Grandma's Ashes and Morgan Grace Jarrett was brought on in her place.

Later in 2012, Paul Welsh left Grandma's Ashes and Dru Johnston was brought on in her place.

Weekend Team

In March 2012, Grandma's Ashes became a Weekend Team, performing Saturdays at 10:30 at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre.