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Gil Ozeri is a writer and performer who sneaks into shows at the UCB Theatre. He is a member of The Law Firm. Gil can be seen performing alongside Adam Pally and Ben Schwartz in their sketch and improv group, Hot Sauce. He has studied improvisation under Ian Roberts, Matt Walsh, Armando Diaz, Billy Merritt, Michael Delaney, Anthony King and others since 2002.

He's appeared on SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE and is also an animator and creator of the celebrated TEAM GIBBA, a cartoon and blog parodying the world’s most perfect couple. He’s also the creator of some hilarious prank phone calls, featured on 92.3 FREE FM, which can be found at

Gil is a super weird dude.

Gil is known for his hilarious and committed characters that walk out of very absurd worlds. His physicality gives all of his characters a strange clownish vibe in a way that is completely fascinating and captivating on stage. Amazingly, Gil Ozeri takes notes harder than anyone in the history of NYC improv, despite his penchant for playing fantastical, fast paced characters. This is probably the reason he is so good at them.

Ability to Worry

In the society of famously anxiety-ridden comedians, Gil somehow stands above in his ability to see doom. He was on the UCBT Harold team fwand, a universally loved and respected team. That did not stop Gil from worrying out loud that his team would be broken up or would not make it much longer. The continued being awesome until they were broken up.

Hometown: New York, New York

Teams Coached

Fat Penguin