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Creep was a New York City based Harold Team at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. They performed from November 16, 2004 to July 3, 2007. They are the second longest running Harold Team in UCB history, after Bastian.


Cast members have included: Anthony Atamanuik, Eric Bernat, Eugene Cordero, Angeliki George, Birch Harms, Jeff Hiller, Ryan Karels, Doug Moe, Megan Neuringer, Silvija Ozols, Amber Petty, Eliza Skinner, and Mia Stendahl.

Original cast: Eugene Cordero, Birch Harms, Jeff Hiller, Ryan Karels, Doug Moe, Silvija Ozols, Eliza Skinner, and Mia Stendahl.

Final cast: Eric Bernat, Eugene Cordero, Angeliki George, Birch Harms, Jeff Hiller, Ryan Karels, Megan Neuringer, and Amber Petty.

General Vibe

Creep was known for having a somewhat theatrical feel, a natural result of many of the team members having theater or musical theater backgrounds. For a long time it retained Harold Night's anchor slot before relinquishing it to 1985 and an on-the-rise Mailer Daemon.

The team would often enter the stage in a theatrical fashion. These entrances included:

  • Eric Scott singing, over a mike in the booth, Creep's entrance music, which he was improvising. Choice lyrics include "Creep! Creep is gonna getcha! They're really gonna getcha! They're CREEP!"
  • The Rent entrance, in which each cast member dressed as a character from Rent and then entered singing "525,600 minutes" ("Seasons of Love"). Later that night Creep went to see the Rent movie, which had just opened. The movie was not very good.
  • The Janet Jackson "If" entrance, in which each cast member entered through the center curtain, model-walked to the front of the stage, then walked to the back line. The final entrance was made by Jeff Hiller pushing a convulsing Anthony Atamanuik in a wheelchair.
  • The step entrance, in which the cast performed a highly choreographed step routine, taught to them in an hourlong rehearsal by a good-natured Jaime Skinner.

Creep's longest-running coach was Billy Merritt.

Their longest-running opening was an original amalgam of character monologues, scene painting, and sound & movement in which each cast member would step center stage and add something new or call back something created by a previous cast member.

Creep toyed with the idea of doing a musical Harold ( Eliza, Eugene, and Jeff were all experienced musical improvisers and were on I Eat Pandas and Friends together). Creep even spent a rehearsal learning the basics of musical improv, taught by Eliza, but the actual musical Harold never materialized.

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