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A longform improv comedy group in New York City. They host a weekly show at Gotham City Improv on Friday nights. Bombardo offers a unique blend of comedy that has been termed "weird," "psychadelic," and "full of cats." Cast member Aubrey Plaza can be seen in the upcoming Judd Apatow movie.

They formed in January 2006.


Emily Askin, Chelsea Clarke, Emily Felt, Marcy Jarreau, Beth Newell, Aubrey Plaza, and Erica Warnock.


Bombardo is a highly influential group in the independent improv community in New York. While inspired by Ms. Jackson they are one of the first all-female independent improv groups, in the indie improv team wave, to establish themselves and their success has encouraged many other all-female groups to form.

They were originally going to be called "Fish N' Tits." Their first coach, Shannon O'Neill, felt that the name would be a cliche for an all-female team and would wear out quickly. She encouraged the group to find a better name, so they came up with "Bombardo."

Kristin Rozanski and Sara Chase were in the original formation of this group but had to move on due to other commitments.


Shannon O'Neill, Jessica Allen, Will Hines.


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