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Arsenal was a New York City based Harold Team at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. They performed from January 11, 2005 to March 28, 2006.

While known for many great shows, the team is infamous for a string of shows performed closely together during which Peter Gwinn led the rest of the team in tormenting Chris Gethard. Not the characters played by Chris Gethard, but the actual player. One of these shows involved Gethard's glasses being ripped off his face, and his sneakers being forcibly removed from his feet and hung from the shit pipes above the UCB stage. This show led to many melodramatic IRC postings from female improv students who said the show made them cry. Gwinn and Gethard still have a strong but strange onstage chemistry that occasionally rears its head during performances of ASSSSCAT today.


Flynn Barrison, Will Hines, Rebekka Johnson, Maggie Kemper, David Martin, Porter Mason, Nate Shelkey, Rob Webber, also Kevin Mullaney, Rob Cacy, Christina Gausas, Peter Gwinn, and Chris Gethard

Several cast members coached Arsenal before joining them including Mullaney, Gausas, Gwinn and Gethard.