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1985 was one of the Harold Teams at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre from April 11, 2006 until April 29, 2008. They are currently the fourth longest-running Harold Team in UCB history, behind Creep,Police Chief Rumble, and Bastian.

For much of their existence, 1985 and fwänd stood as parallel giants of Harold Night. They exemplified two classic styles, with 1985 embodying the patience, precision and bookish maturity of the Stepfathers or the Swarm, and fwänd thriving with a fast-paced, game-centric energy similar to Reuben Williams or Respecto. 1985 and fwänd almost always performed in the heart of the lineup, and watching them back to back was probably the richest improv education one could get in an hour at Harold Night.

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Founding members: Flynn Barrison, Sue Galloway, Will Hines, Porter Mason, Charlie Sanders, Risa Sang-urai, Gavin Speiller, Erik Tanouye.

Ben Rodgers replaced Barrison in September 2006.

Jim Santangeli replaced Charlie Sanders in January 2007.

Birch Harms replaced Santangeli in July 2007.

Adam Pally replaced Will Hines in October 2007.


Jackie Clarke, Anthony Atamanuik, and Anthony's alter ego and short-form expert "Poppy."


Porter Mason would often spend unreasonably long periods of time being "Donner" a stoned part-time bagger from a local A&P who was trying to get a ride home with 1985.

Sue Galloway would often mime being a woman in awkward high heels, both during shows and also offstage, for almost no reason.

Long-time coach Anthony Atamanuik sometimes coached as his British alter ego "Poppy," an expert in short-form. These sessions sometimes lasted more than half of the rehearsal time.

For a stretch of several thousand shows, Erik Tanouye would spend at least some portion of the warm-up as respected British film actor Michael Caine.

Will Hines tried really hard to make a running gag out of his Jack Nicholson impersonation, which was just him making a sad face and standing there.